Mehdi Siadat was born in 1973 in Tehran, Iran. At the age of nine, he began learning the "Santur" (Persian hammered dulcimer) in the Music Organization of Preservation and Publication with Ms.Roya Hallaj. After 5 years, He was introduced to great maestro "Farmarz Payvar" who was one of the music legends of Iranian traditional music. He mastered his studies and playing skills under Payvar’s direct supervision and graduated from his school in 1998.

He has been performing in many concerts and festivals such as Fajr Music International Festival (Tehran), Mela Music International festival (Norway), Dulcimer International Festival (Czech Republic), SRF (Swiss Radio and Television), Dulcimer World Congress in the UK, etc. He achieved the best player of the year award at Fajr Festival twice in 1991 and 1995. He also did a master degree in agricultural engineering.

Mehdi is a member of World Cimbalom Association and several Persian traditional and folk music ensembles. He is deeply involved with the art of improvisation, both in the traditional way of Dastgah concept and in improvisation on themes of various origins and modes. He has held several Santur master classes for students of China Conservatory in Beijing in 2013 and 2014.

Mehdi Siadat has played in many music events and concerts all around the world. Here you can see some of the newer ones:

  • “World Music Day” with Javan Music Ensemble at Central conservatory of Music in Beijing, 2017.
  • “One Belt and One Road” music culture exhibition and performance and foreign (Overseas) university with Javan Music Ensemble Shenyang Conservatory of Music in Shenyang, 2018.
  • Performing in Iran and Russia Cultural week along with Hamnavazan-e-Taj Ensemble, Russia, 2018
  • Solo performance in International New Year Concerts at Duna Palace in Hungary, 2019.
  • Performing in Greece (in Athens and Livadia) to celebrate Nowrooz with Hamnavazan-e-Taj Ensemble, 2019.
  • Performing in 11th China International Folk Arts in Hohhot with Naghmey-e-Javan Music Ensemble, 2019.